Gut Check...

It was 2009, and our furniture business was in trouble. The financial crisis had reached our door step. Batavia Home was on life support.

This was hard to accept, design and furniture were our first loves, but the market had spoken. Our first business was failing.

Our Pain, Your Gain!

Around that time we took a drive to Tarrytown, NY to get our minds off things. Or so we thought. We went to a cafe/coffee house there, and we said to ourselves “why don’t we open a cafe in Summit?”
After all the time spent on business planning for our furniture business, Batavia Cafe was conceived over coffee. It was born in Tarrytown, NY sometime in the Spring of 2010.

Made for You!!

Summit didn’t need furniture, it needed food. Really good, fresh, and healthy food! Duh. Failure brings clarity.

How could we serve our customers the best food? That was all that mattered to us. We travelled to San Francisco, Philadelphia, France, and Toronto taking in all their food scenes so we could bring them to you.

Last summer’s trip to Stone Harbor, NJ yielded our homemade Greek yogurt and steel-cut oatmeal breakfast bowls. We hope you are enjoying them!

Now breads are delivered fresh daily from Balthazar, the olive oil comes from Sicily, and our turkeys are freshly roasted every day. All so we can provide you with food that you will love in a hip, comfortable setting.

What’s Next?

We are more committed than ever to serving you great tasting, fresh food at a reasonable price. We seek to do so in an engaging environment for our customers where you can run into friends, catch up on the latest happenings in Summit, or view the artwork we display from local artists.

We are not nearly done bringing you more great food! All this food trekking got addicting, so we’re are off again to Southern California this summer in search of your next meal.

Thank you for making us a success! We look forward to seeing you soon.

Widya & Paul